Architect & Certified Passivhaus Designer Consultancy

Founded and run by Claire Jamieson

Enabling the application of Passivhaus principles within all types of architectural projects.

Broadening the teaching and sharing of knowledge, expanding the possibilities of attaining more comfortable and energy saving environments in which to live, work and play.

Passivhaus is the world’s leading standard of construction today and offers the opportunity to apply energy saving measures which can reduce energy consumption by as much as 90%. The principles of Passivhaus can be applied across all parameters of construction, small extensions – renovations – new build.

For all the years I have worked in construction, whether it design or on-site, it is very rare to find co-workers who simply “get it” and make the whole experience easier and run more smoothly. Secondly, dealing with the complexities of Passivhaus principles on a challenging refurbishment, it is clear that Claire has the ability to design/ detail complex construction techniques and transfer that into the reality of a build. Not only understanding but making it look good in the process. She has shown understanding on all levels from the basics of man management to the more taxing technical elements.” Eco-DC

Should you be considering a project with optimised quality of living and energy saving in mind and would like a little help, then please do give me a call 070985430492 or email