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Claire Jamieson co-founded Passivhaus International, PHI, with Sara Darwin in 2012 to promote Passivhaus.

Sara and Claire studied Architecture & Environmental Design together at Nottingham University. Subsequently qualifying as British Architects, registered with the ARB, they have practised architecture in the UK for over 20 years. Sharing an enthusiasm for modern residential design with sustainable solutions, they are qualified as Certified Passivhaus Designers through the Building Research Establishment in accordance with the Passivhaus Institute.

Claire is based at Phi Architecture Consultancy in Ripon, Yorkshire and Sara is based at Phi Architects in Stockport, Greater Manchester. Knowledge and developments are shared regularly to ensure we can offer the best advice and expertise.through all associated disciplines of our work.

Phi supports its design philosophy with ‘smart’ architecture. The approach is both sustainable and environmentally responsible design, supported by a strong emphasis on aesthetics and good proportion with the application of Phi Φ.

Passivhaus International is committed to working with clients on an individual basis, to meet their aspirations, brief and budget, with cost efficient design and construction together with personal and inspirational solutions.


Claire is an Architect and Certified Passivhaus Designer as well as a member of the Yorkshire Design Review Panel and a Passivhaus Consultant to Shaw and Jagger Architects. Based in Yorkshire she works both regionally and nationally to address all aspects of her specialist expertise.

Claire specialises in sustainable and low energy solutions and has just completed her own self build EnerPHit certified Passivhaus. 

Phi Architecture provides a professional Passivhaus consultancy service in the Yorkshire regions and beyond, which integrates individual design with sustainable solutions. The service is strengthened by Claire’s knowledge and understanding of Passivhaus and EnerPhit. 

Claire has a broad understanding of practical application in detailing and construction to attain airtightness and avoid cold bridging. She is proficient in the preparation of PHPP (Passivhaus Planning Package). This can be applied to any project to ascertain the best ways to improve energy efficiency, as well as it’s more conventional use for Passivhaus projects.

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