Invitation to be involved in MVHR Air intake Filter Analysis

Research through Nottingham University, in conjunction with Phi-Architecture & Green Building Store

Please help us to create a mapping nationally, of air quality, through collection of real, regular samples from our MVHR intake filters.

Our MVHR systems have an intake filter which is changed every 60 days or so. Quite often this filter, on removal after 60 days will look something like this:

The filter is cleaning the incoming air to provide a good source of fresh air within your property. We would like to invite you to work with us in volunteering to send us two small 10 x 4 cm samples cut from the filter before it is discarded, each time you change for a fresh filter.

On registering your interest we will require the address at which the MVHR is operating, the MVHR make and model and the filter type. We can provide you with a reference number, which will be associated with yourselves and can be used , together with the noting of the date on which the filter is changed, to correlate the information when samples are sent in. All the samples will be anonymous and the actual addresses only known to the research team involved. We will send you an s.a.e for your samples to avoid any costs to you.

Annually aim to share with you the findings and a national mapping of the pollutants we have found to be in our samples. We hope to present the findings to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to further improve action in accordance with the Clean Air Strategy 2019. Please note: All results will be presented as aggregate data and no individual property will be able to be identified in any report or research publication.

Participants will be able to withdraw from the study at any stage of the research.

Please complete our form to get involved:

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I/ we are interested in participating in the MVHR intake filter analysis research through Nottingham University in correlation with Phi-Architecture & Green Building Store and agree to be contacted further to facilitate this process. All data supplied will be used only for the purpose of this research and will be protected in accordance with PHI-Architecture's privacy policy.


Claire Jamieson Passivhaus Architect and CEPH, Phi Architecture. Email:

Dr Carlos Jimenez-Bescos CEng MCIBSE MIET CEPD Assistant Professor in Building Services and Environmental Design, University of Nottingham. Email:

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